Even the most loving families can sometimes need professional help. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and the life of a modern teenager is often stressful and challenging.

When a child or adolescent is struggling most of us think of individual therapy first but research indicates that family therapy in many cases is a much more powerful intervention.

Why is this? I see families as medicine. Families should be a soft place to land and a teenager’s go-to place for love, support, comfort, and advice. If families get off track and there is tension or arguments in the home, other stressors in a child or teen’s life will become greatly magnified and potentially can turn into more serious issues. Families are the antidote to this and well-functioning, loving families can act as a powerful buffer to the stressors in the life of a modern teenager.

I am a highly experienced family therapist and I draw from many different family therapy models, including Attachment-Based Family Therapy, Multidimensional Family Therapy, and Functional Family Therapy.

In-Home Family Treatment (IFT)

Often times my clients benefit from In-Home Family Treatment (IFT), a unique, highly effective model of family treatment for more serious cases (depression, anxiety, self-harm, substance use, school problems, oppositional behavior, and so on) in which weekly therapy alone hasn’t been effective.

IFT is soundly grounded in science-based treatment approaches and clinical interventions.  At its theoretical core lies attachment-based family therapies. IFT is designed to reduce conflict, enhance communication, improve problem behavior, and build closer, more loving family connections.

You deserve to restore peace and happiness in your home!