Hello and Welcome.

I have spent the past decade and a half working with people, couples, and families in need.

Most of my clients find success in a variety of areas:

• Moving past depression or anxiety
• Overcoming trauma
• Relieving stress
• Improving Relationships
• Soothing grief and loss
• Managing anger
• Navigating divorce and co-parenting
• Eliminating Child/Teen behavior problems
• Rebuilding trust and happiness at home.

I know it takes a lot of courage for clients to come into my office and explore difficult issues. I provide a safe, comfortable environment for you to explore issues that matter while helping you heal and grow.

A Little More About Me

I’m originally from Santa Fe, NM. I moved to Las Vegas in 1999 from Bakersfield,CA. When I first moved to Las Vegas I worked in the Casino Industry from 2000-2003. During this time, I attended school for massage therapy and enjoyed a 10-year career as a massage therapist at some of the most stunning spas in the country.

It was through massage therapy that I discovered my passion for working with individuals and I found myself mesmerized by how people’s thoughts dictated their emotions, behavior and ultimately their personal relationships.

Through my graduate studies and clinical work, I now realize that the entire context of people’s lives must be considered when moving toward personal growth and relational harmony. I believe people need a strong foundation for life’s ever-changing circularity.

My primary concern is always connecting with my clients to determine the appropriate approach to help them reach their goals in lieu of forcing them to fit into a standard paradigm or a set of step-by-step instructions.

Therapy Business Stuff

I began my journey as a Marriage and Family therapist in 2006 and graduated in 2012 with my Masters of Science in Counseling. I provide Concierge Psychotherapy Services to couples, individuals, children, and families.

What this means for you, I maintain a smaller caseload and I make myself more available to my clients on an as needed basis. I also allow clients to make up their missed appointment within the same week of the original scheduled appointment, without the cost of a rescheduling fee and as my schedule allows. Otherwise, the full cost of the session will be charged.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (NV License #2688) in Las Vegas, NV. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services and Business Management from University of Phoenix, and a Master’s Degree in Marriage Family Child Therapy from University of Phoenix, Las Vegas Campus. I am currently fulfilling requirements to become an Emotionally Focused Couples therapist as well as continuing to be a lifelong learner of other therapeutic methodologies.

Why I Love What I Do

My favorite part about being a therapist is how much of a difference I make and how quickly. Some of my most successful patients were only in need of some education and some understanding. Seeing people make their way to their goals and come out happy on the other side really makes me love doing what I do.